Roots and All,
by Dr Barbara Louw, is based on ground-breaking research into Bitterness and Posttraumatic Embitterment Reactions and Disorder.

This book provides insights into the prevalence of bitterness and embitterment in individuals, families and the community, as well as in the workplace.

It will enable you to get the big picture of what embitterment is and how it impacts people’s health, relationships and wellness. You will be shown how to understand the concepts of ‘wellness’ and ‘unwellness’ in a holistic systems paradigm. It will help you to understand and apply the principles of natural health to enhance and obtain wholeness.

It gives practical guidelines and applicable suggestions on how to assist individuals, therapists, HR practitioners, pastors and managers on the road to healing, wholeness and forgiveness.

ISBN: 978-1-928372-49-3

R350.00 excluding delivery


Watch a short overview video about the book

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