Dr Barbara Louw's artwork is available on BluEagle eShop. She says: “I am passionate about conveying a dynamic sense of hope and healing amid struggles in life, art, and relationships. My work is intuitive, spontaneous, and symbolic. The strong colours, gestures and brushwork come together in dramatic, energetic compositions of my unique iconography. The colours and contrasts in each art piece are symbolic of the hope we have in Christ”.

Her artwork is as diverse as her fields of expertise and experience in tackling life’s problems head-on. Her art mirrors the struggles and triumphs that she faces in life, relationships, and faith. She has been an ordained minister and the CEO of Inter Trauma Nexus for more than 30 years. As she worked to help people find hope in God and supported victims of trauma to find their voices, she found creative ways to speak to their hearts. She understands their struggle with darkness and pain, as well as their longing to be healed and whole. Her paintings depict their struggles with strong contrast between darkness, light and colour. This means every painting has a story.

Barbara has a solid academic background of three PhD’s and she heads a Training Institute with a Counselling School and Bible School. However, her philosophy is that you only know a subject if you can explain the essence of it to a child and children understand things best if you draw a picture. This solutions-focused approach filters through in the training she presents. Her training material and books are illuminated with graphics and illustrations to clarify terms and concepts.

Up to date, arts and crafts were mere hobbies with a specific purpose. The first purpose was self-expression, and the second fun purpose was to do things with her children. Together they played around with ceramic painting, drawing, beadwork, wire art, mosaics, candle making, weaving and cement crafts. They made puppets and did embroidery, macrame and decoupage, origami and much more. As a family, they still love plants, gardening and bonsai. Yes, never a dull moment and the company is great.

2022 ended on a life-changing note and she decided to spend time sharing her artwork beyond work and gifts for the family. In 2023 her motto become: Live as though you want to be alive! This led to the transition to making her artwork available in the form of canvas prints.

This bold move is significant because it allows a wider audience to engage with and appreciate her work. People can own a beautiful, durable canvas print in a size that fits their lifestyle at an affordable price. The canvas prints are different because they are framed on a box which means the picture is better protected from wear and tear.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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